Beautiful Songs Are Gifts From Heaven

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Beautiful Songs are Gifts From Heaven

Written by Randi G. Fine

“When will I know everything that I’m supposed to know?” ~ From the song Mazes and Puzzles

Eighteen years ago I received an unanticipated but welcomed gift from a Heavenly Source. I became a channel for the inspirational, healing words and music for several songs.

Ever since I can remember I have loved to sing, though I would definitely not classify myself as a singer. I also know how to accompany myself on the piano pretty well. But since I am not completely proficient at either, singing and playing piano has been a hobby for me at best.

Musically inclined, I did write a few songs in my youth. They were decent, considering my lack of life experience, but nothing I would consider sharing with others as an adult.

There came a time in my late thirties when all the pain of my past seemed to bubble up to the surface. Seeking to understand my life I began delving deeply into something that had always peaked my interest but I knew little about – spirituality.  What I read and learned about the spiritual world opened my eyes to an exciting, new reality.

My soul began awakening. I found this connection to the unseen spiritual world to be one of great comfort. So I began “listening” for guidance from entities beyond the physical world whom I had come to trust.

One day while sitting at the piano I started playing what seemed to be the intro to a song – a song I had never heard. These notes resonated deeply with me but I did not understand why. Days later the words, “I’m never lonely and I’m not alone with the love that’s beyond, the love that’s beyond myself” came to me. I wrote them down, and by the end of the night the words to an entire song had come to me.

The next day I sat at the piano hoping the perfect music would follow those inspirational words. To my amazement it did.  And the musical intro I had played days ago went perfectly with the words I had been given. That day a song called “Love Beyond” was born.

Over the next few months several more songs were given to me. The more I listened, the more words I was given. The words poured out at the oddest times; mostly when I was distracted. I remember running out of the shower, more than a few times, dripping wet to get a pen and a piece of paper so I could jot down the words that came flooding in.  The perfect music always followed.

Before I knew it I had enough music to make an album. The cassette player I recorded the songs on did not do them justice, so I went to a studio to have them professionally recorded. I sang the words and played the music on every recording for demo purposes, never intending to be the artist who would ultimately perform them.

The purpose for the music was unclear. I had to believe that the same source that sent the songs to me would show me what to do with them. I made a few attempts to send the tapes out to professionals in the music business, but no direction ever materialized so I put the project aside.

For the following eighteen years, my sister Michele, a very talented pianist, kept the songs alive. She loved them, believed in them, and played them over and over on her piano. Michele lived in a different state, so she would call me and play her beautiful arrangements of the songs over the telephone. I had mostly given up but my sister never did.

Michele recently asked her friend, a world renowned psychic medium, if the songs could have been given to me with no ultimate purpose. Her friend replied, “The songs are meant to be heard.” So my dear, devoted sister took a cassette from the original, professional recording and had the music converted to CD format.

With the songs revived and more easily listened to by others, I have begun sharing them on my website and creating pictorial videos with them for Youtube. I hope you will listen to these songs, focusing on the beautiful music and inspirational messages they convey. Please share them with others – “they are meant to be heard.”

If the purpose for these songs is somehow revealed to you, if you know a professional whose voice can do them justice and who has the wherewithal to share them with the masses, or even if these songs stir something deep inside of you, please let me know. Until then I will continue to be the messenger I was chosen to be. I will continue to trust and wait.

“Mazes and Puzzles” –

“Seasons of Plenty” –

“Blossom, Grow, and Soar” –

“Key to Life” –

More to come…


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