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AWAKEN FROM LIFE is about discovering who you are and about defining your true self so you can seize the helm of your life! This book is changing lives. Let it change yours!

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Story of Hope Love Destiny

If you like inspirational memoirs about the power of hope, or just want to read a candid expose of my previously misaligned life, FINE…LY: My Story of Hope, Love, and Destiny is the book for you!! It’s a page turner!!

Available in Paperback or as an E-Book

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This memoir written by a woman author tells a compelling, impactful true life story about hope and love, and how she found her destiny. An excellent book for women!

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Inspiring Authors Message

Author, Randi G. Fine 

Living Life to the Fullest

Inspirational Author’s Message

The most difficult people in our lives end up being our greatest teachers.   The hurdles they place before us and the challenges they present to us are only lessons that we must learn for our greater good.   Think of the oyster…without the irritating grain of sand there would be no pearl. ~ Randi G. Fine

We all experience times of joy and times of suffering as we move through our lives. Life is a breeze during the happy times; we get to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. But we must ask ourselves how good joy would feel if we had no adversity to contrast it? The phrase, “nobody said life was easy,” was coined with good reason. The truth is, life is hard work…but the beauty of life is that it has many facets.  We are constantly challenged to learn and grow.  And as we rise to those challenges we become stronger, wiser and better human beings. The universe holds all the answers we will ever need. It’s all there for the taking if we watch, listen, and trust our intuition. I invite you to follow me on my journey as I explore the many paths to happiness, and the many avenues that will lead us to living life to the fullest. I wish you serenity and joy in your life. ~ Randi

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Treacherous World of Corporate Narcissism

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npd corporate

Treacherous World of Corporate Narcissism

With Randi Fine, host of the Blog Talk Radio Show, A Fine Time for Healing

On Tuesday October 6, 2015 A Fine Time for Healing will feature special guest Kristin Sunanta Walker, the CEO of a behavioral health consulting practice everythingEHR and host of Mental Health News Radio.

Kristin has worked in corporate America, specifically within the healthcare field, for over twenty five years.  As a consultant navigating the often treacherous world of corporate narcissism, she has found herself swimming, many times, in shark infested waters.

Kristin spent her childhood exposed to all members of the “Dark Triad” (narcissism, Machiavellian-ism and psychopathy). They were members of her biological family.  Little did she know this would set her up to not only heal the trauma she experienced at the hands of these predators but also forge a successful career along side many of them.  She uses the knowledge she has learned by living with these predators to help her clients and her own company sustain equitable, emotionally healthy, and financially successful business relationships.

Working with narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths in the corporate sector is no easy feat.  They live and work around us every day and everywhere.  The “every day” psychopath does wreak havoc on the emotional, financial, and physical lives of everyone around them.

When Kristin began her radio show it was to discuss behavioral healthcare technology, give voice to the work of clinicians, and raise awareness about mental health.  Her shows on narcissism, however, became so popular they pushed the show to a global audience downloaded in over 171 countries.  Through interviewing global leaders on the subjects of narcissism, psychopathy, and sociopathology Kristin has been able to spread awareness about narcissistic abuse.

On the October 6th show with Kristin Sunanta Walker as my special guest, Kristin and I will discuss corporate narcissism and toxic work environments.  As with her own radio show, Kristin will get personal about her own experiences and those of her colleagues.

Some of the topics of discussion will be on the following:

  • What is corporate narcissism?
  • Is there a difference between having a co-worker that has narcissistic personality disorder and having the CEO of the company with this disorder?
  • What are some of the traumas that employees, business partners, and vendors experience during and after working with a corporate narcissist?
  • Can an entire organization be narcissistically disordered?
  • How can staff root out these predators and create a healthy work environment?
  • What kind of counseling is needed in order for the victims to overcome the emotional abuse suffered while working with these people?
  • Can corporate narcissists be healed?
  • Can a narcissistic organization be healed?
  • What are some of your first hand experiences working with these predators?

Please tune in on October 6th and listen either live at 11 am EST or anytime after the show airs by going to

To learn more about Kristin Sunanta Walker please visit:

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Verbal Abuse In Romantic Relationships Survey

Describe Your Reaction to Verbal Demeaning or Abuse From Your Romantic Partner

Take Anonymous Survey and Share Your Experience

For more information about counseling with Randi Fine, please visit

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Empaths and Unexplained Ailments

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empath17When All Else Fails To Heal You

Understanding the Empath

Written by Dave Markowitz, Prevent Disease

Posted in March 15, 2014

If you’re dealing with symptoms that no one can diagnose, much less treat effectively, maybe there’s someplace else you’ve yet to look. I’ve been in alternative medicine for twenty years; in 2012 I started attracting clients who had already done everything they and others knew to do for their ailments. Most exhausted all the traditional Western modalities, which led to a bevy of alternative modalities. None of those were successful either, and as it seems to be the natural progression for most, next came more esoteric concepts and therapies. Many entered into what some call the New Thought movement deep and hard. They tried chanting, positive affirmations, and numerous energy medicines, and these too were ineffective. One day in a session it hit me; I was able to intuit that the aches and pains of my client weren’t her own.


Everyone I’d seen from that point onward had a remarkable list of can’t-be-coincidence similarities: they were highly sensitive, very empathic, had an unrealistic sense of responsibility for others, and had tried everything to heal but couldn’t. As a medical intuitive I’d been used to identifying underlying causes beyond the physical body that contributed to a pain or illness, but this took it one step further.

I was able to see the pattern. A sense of responsibility was virtually injected into their blood streams from early on. Some actually heard directly, everything from “Sit still and make your grandmother happy” to “I can’t take care of your father, I’ll need you to do it for me while I take care of your brother” and alike. Others sensed that it was their job to hold things together. Many were super sensitive to difficult family dynamics and became the peacemaker. Some tried to entertain family members with musical proficiency, art, or a unique sense of humour. Others could sense emotional difficulties and reached out energetically to heal those in emotional pain. And all had become people pleasers.

If you take a step back for a moment, you can see how feeling responsible for others and having a high degree of empathic abilities can be an unhealthy if not dangerous combination. Empaths by definition take on the thoughts, energy, and characteristics of others, and extreme empathy, combined with an overblown sense of responsibility, can actually manifest in pains and illness that are not their own.


I was then able to intuit a series of steps that over time became more and more powerful. For example, one woman who had been diagnosed with chronic fatigue said she saw dramatic improvements in just four days when nothing else helped in the last ten years. Another released what she called ‘several decades of anxiety’ in just one session. And many have released years of repressed grief and their related symptoms (colon, breathing, skin etc. problems) in just a few sessions.

I know, that sounds ridiculous, but if we’re open to something extraordinary, my belief is that something extraordinary often happens. Is this a panacea? Of course not; there are too many factors to claim guaranteed success – even aspirin doesn’t work the same for everyone. But if you identify with being empathic, intuitive, sensitive, and you’ve had little success elsewhere, why not give this a try?

Understand Responsibilities

I am not responsible for the soul path of another person. Neither are you. You may know this consciously, but odds are really high that you haven’t yet fully embodied this awareness.

The patterns of responsibility start early on. For some, it begins in our first few days in the womb. We know now that if a mother smokes, her baby smokes, too. But what we don’t often recognize is that if a mother is depressed, the baby also shares that chemical imbalance. In our first nine months of life, we grow, expand, and become aware of what’s happening with / within /for / to our mother, including sensing her fear, anger, and grief.

A few years later, if, for example, our mother was depressed or our father was an alcoholic, we sometimes take on responsibility for those conditions. That often includes blaming ourselves: “If I were a better child, Dad wouldn’t drink and Mom would be happier, too.” Many of us began doing what others wanted us to do in order to be loved and perceived as good. This can manifest in ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ emulation to align with our caregiver(s) actions. For example, a child may become compassionate like his mother or stubborn like his father. Ironically, because the actions are in alignment with what the parent may say or do, the child is then called ‘good’. Being good may get us love and attention, but getting love because of what we do or don’t do is the very definition of conditional love, a very low vibration. This creates an unhealthy pattern that sets up all kinds of defeatist patterns for relationships later in life. As children, especially, we wished others around us to be happy and well. So we danced, acted extra ‘silly’, and eventually told jokes, or used art, or good grades, or making dance or sports teams to get love or make others proud of us – to alleviate the fear, anger, and grief of our caregivers.

The subconscious desire to heal one or both parents or caregivers becomes pervasive empath18throughout life and expresses itself in a variety of ways. Many of us receive positive praise for putting others first, and some of us go into careers and manage to get paid for facilitating healing (of any type) in others. The overweight parents raise the son or daughter who wants to become a nutritionist or personal trainer. The narcissistic father raises the daughter who becomes a psychologist, social worker, or other form of counseling practitioner in order (subconsciously) to understand what makes him tick. The superficially inclined parent raises a child who wants to explore and go deeper, and who often becomes an academic or intuitive – a seeker of truth. The grief-stricken mother gives birth to the child who becomes an energy healer or a comedian.

The sense of responsibility that most babies learn, when combined with being an empath, makes us absorb the problems and take on the imbalances in others. We typically try to heal others ahead of maintaining a healthy practice of self-care. Some of us burn out after barely a decade in a field that, if chosen and performed with awareness and use of the steps I’m writing about, could last a lifetime. If we get paid to be a healer of any type, or receive any other form of strong positive reinforcement, it’s even harder to let go of the learned sense of responsibility from infancy. Our ego identification is with being a helper and that, combined with the metaphysically true and physically untrue concept of oneness, creates a one-way exchange of negative energy that we take on and hold onto – sometimes forever.

Clearly, this is unhealthy for all. With this new awareness of an underlying cause, take steps to ensure that your actions are coming from unconditional love rather than the learned sense of responsibility. The latter also includes ‘should be’, guilt, fear, and shame. Be mindful in your thoughts words and actions, “Am I doing this because I want to, or because I should do so, based on someone else’s belief system?”

Why We Absorb the Maladies of Others

I am currently working with a very wise, spiritual woman I’ll call ‘Amy’ who can clearly recall being 3 years old and having an awareness of how ill her mother was at that time. Because babies only know love, Amy wanted to do something to help her mom. Amy remembers going to her mother’s bedside wanting “desperately to do something” and recalls “healing her mother” in that moment. After that experience, Amy’s mother did feel better, but Amy felt worse. Much worse.

She presented to me, in her own words, “barely able to walk”. She’d already had surgeries on her hip and feet, and doctors didn’t know what to do next. I was able to intuit that Amy actually absorbed the energy of her ailing mom at that time, and has been holding onto that stagnant energy ever since. And this is not uncommon. In my experience of late, I’ve found it to be the norm more than the exception. Amy’s loving act was both effective and detrimental at the same time – effective for her mom, and detrimental to her.

This seemingly loving intention created a pattern of feeling responsible for others’ health and so much more. Even as a youth, Amy felt responsible for holding the family container together. She recalls feeling responsible for everyone’s well-being, and of course acted from that ill-perceived place. Everyone else bought into that version of reality, too. Her siblings and mother blamed her for all that went ‘wrong’. This affected Amy’s self-esteem, which is energetically tied into the efficiency of the immune system. That, in addition to the energetic transfer, got Amy very sick in her youth and she has been plagued with serious pain and illness for many decades since.

Without a very conscious awareness driving the action, her soul’s contract of being a helper called her toward this event and its subsequent learning opportunities. Years of pain and illness drove her to try so many modalities and practitioners but few thought to ask about her childhood, and none created safe space for her to share this event with them.

I explained that this learned sense of responsibility has been burdening her entire life. The one-way flow of energy when not understood makes us too attached to other people’s feelings and even their opinions. We become people pleasers, denying our own sense of self and always focusing on others. But just like we hear on every airplane ride about the oxygen masks, we need to take care of ourselves first. Amy is now integrating this information using the tools I’ve given her and as we work together doing specific exercises to fine-tune her empathic abilities, she is healing slowly but surely of ailments that have plagued her for five decades.

While Amy’s level of illness is one of the more extreme I’m working with, the underlying causes are the same for many of us. The sense of responsibility we often learn early on makes us live at the mercy of other people’s thoughts and opinions of us. We don’t dare anger another for fear we’ll be unloved. We don’t dare say what we want because we don’t feel worthy of having our needs met or can’t handle someone saying “no” to us. And we end up doing things out of fear, guilt, or shame – all very low vibrational patterns – in a feeble attempt to be loved by others.

Guilt, fear and shame create resentment and a resultant constriction of energy, leaving us unable to fully heal or even excel in many areas of our lives. On the converse, acting from compassion and unconditional love is an expansive energy, opening us up to the healing and abundance of the Universe.

All of nature includes both problems and solutions; we only have to look further than our learned realities to see it. To me, non-diagnosable symptoms, or even diagnosed illness that had no obvious cause were just a jigsaw puzzle needing to be filled in from beyond the physical world pf prescriptions, surgeries, and even existent energy healing modalities. When I was open, the answers came to me, and invite you to do the same to see if this information resonates with you on a deeper level than solely mind awareness.


About the Author

Dave Markowitz helps empaths, intuitives, sensitives, and alike transform illness into health. Using medical intuition and a variety of energetic healing arts, he works worldwide by phone or Skype, and in person in Portland Oregon. For more information visit

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Narcissistic Abuse Survivors United

facebook banner narcissist1Dear Readers,

Please note:

In an effort to generate more interest, there has been a name change for the Facebook Page, Compassionate Support for Narcissistic Abuse Survivors.

The new name is Narcissistic Abuse Survivors United Please support this page by visiting and liking it. With your participation I can support you and together we can support others who are suffering from Narcissistic Abuse issues.

facebook banner narcissist2jpg

Thank you!


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Making a Difference

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starfishMaking a Difference

The world is in a precarious state. This is a pressing concern for each of us regardless of our age, race, nationality, gender, religion, or political views. The problems that exist in the world and in our own communities are highly complex. They seem overwhelming and impossible to fix. We each wish we could change things, but feeling powerless ask ourselves, “What can one person do to change the world?”

The following story gives us food for thought:

The Starfish Story

Adapted from The Star Thrower, by Loren Eiseley (1907 – 1977)

A man was walking along a deserted beach at sunset. As he walked he could see a young boy in the distance, as he drew nearer he noticed that the boy kept bending down, picking something up and throwing it into the water. Time and again he kept hurling things into the ocean. As the man approached even closer, he was able to see that the boy was picking up starfish that had been washed up on the beach and, one at a time he was throwing them back into the water. The man asked the boy what he was doing, the boy replied,” I am throwing these washed up starfish back into the ocean, or else they will die through lack of oxygen. “But”, said the man, “You can’t possibly save them all, there are thousands on this beach, and this must be happening on hundreds of beaches along the coast. You can’t possibly make a difference.” The boy smiled, bent down and picked up another starfish, and as he threw it back into the sea, he replied, “Made a difference to that one.”

You too can make a difference one starfish at a time.

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Narcissistic Parent and Enabling Parent

npd parents3

Is One Parent a Narcissist and the Other an Enabler?

Written by Randi G. Fine, Narcissistic Personality Disorder Abuse Expert

To find out if you have a narcissistic parent and a parent who enables him or her, please answer yes or no to the following twenty questions:

  1. Did you grow up in a two parent home with one parent significantly more domineering than the other?
  2. Was one of your parents verbally abusive to the other parent and the other parent put up with it?
  3. Did your more passive parent put your abusive parent “on a pedestal,” or idolize him or her?”
  4. Did your more passive parent defend the abusive actions of the other parent?
  5. Did your more passive parent’s emotional and physical survival depend on his or her relationship with your more domineering parent?
  6. Did your parents argue all the time, your more domineering parent ragefully?
  7. Did you feel as if your parents were unusually enmeshed in each other’s lives?
  8. If your family was in a boat that was sinking, do you believe that your more passive parent would save his or her abusive spouse before saving the children?
  9. Did your more passive parent always lose the argument when he or she fought with your abusive parent?
  10. Did you feel as if you had no parent to advocate for you or your siblings?
  11. Was your more abusive parent jealous of your more passive parent’s attempts at having a relationship with any of his or her children?
  12. Did your more domineering parent bad mouth your other parent to you and/or your siblings?
  13. Did you always wish your more passive parent would stand up for his/her self against the abuse from your other parent?
  14. Do you have problems or issues with the concept of healthy love in adult relationships?
  15. Do you believe that chaos and drama is a normal part of romantic adult relationships?
  16. Do you believe that love is supposed to be painful?
  17. Did your parents present a picture perfect relationship to the outside world but a dysfunctional one behind closed doors?
  18. Did your abusive parent bully your passive parent into doing his or her dirty work, such as doling out punishment for things he/she never witnessed?
  19. Did your passive parent always believe what your abusive parent said; even when the children said the abusive parent was lying?
  20. Do you despise weakness in a romantic partner?

If you answered yes to five or more questions, it is highly likely your parents have/had a Narcissist/Enabler relationship. Once identified it is best for you to work on this issue in your personal life. The patterns of parenting and dynamics of a love relationships were improperly modeled for you in childhood and may be negatively impacting your romantic adult relationships.

For more information about counseling with Randi Fine, please visit

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September 11th Fourteen Year Anniversary

Image Source

septembereleventhdSeptember 11, 2001

14th Anniversary Remembrance

The following poem was written by Cheryl Sawyer, a Professor at the University of Houston Clear Lake in the Counseling Department about 9/11, and submitted by her mother.

Written by Cheryl Sawyer

As the soot and dirt and ash rained down,
We became one color.
As we carried each other down the stairs of the burning building,
We became one class.
As we lit candles of waiting and hope
We became one generation.
As the firefighters and police officers fought their way into the inferno
We became one gender.
As we fell to our knees in prayer for strength,
We became one faith.
As we whispered or shouted words of encouragement,
We spoke one language.
As we gave our blood in lines a mile long,
We became one body.
As we mourned together the great loss
We became one family.
As we cried tears of grief and loss
We became one soul.
As we retell with pride of the sacrifice of heros
We become one people.

We are
One color
One class
One generation
One gender
One faith
One language
One body
One family
One soul
One people

We are The Power of One.
We are United.
We are America.

More on September 11, 2001:

Remember September 11th

September 11th

Rabbi Explains God’s Role September 11

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How Do You Feel About Your Past

What is Your Emotional Awareness

Take This Anonymous Survey

Which statement is most true in regard to the feelings you have about your past?

For more information about counseling with Randi Fine, please visit

Take an assessment quiz to find out how emotionally aware you are about your past.

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Letting Go of Your Past Emotions Assessment

Image Source

letting go of pastWhat is Your Emotional Awareness About Your Past?

Identifying Unexpressed Emotion

By Randi G. Fine, Life Issues Counselor

To find out if you are having trouble letting go of the past, please answer yes or no to the following twenty questions:

  1. Do you have painful childhood memories that you have yet to deal with?
  2. Do you often feel upset, unbalanced, uncomfortable, or even cut off from your emotions?
  3. Do you have a habit of ignoring or burying your most uncomfortable feelings?
  4. Do you always show a happy face to the world, even when you are suffering inside?
  5. Are there triggers that suddenly bring out your anger or cause you to be defensive?
  6. Do you suffer from unexplained insomnia, headaches, stomach problems, and fatigue?
  7. Are you afraid to feel your emotions?
  8. Are you afraid to excavate old emotions because of the “Pandora’s Box” that will open up?
  9. Do you feel that showing emotions is a sign of weakness?
  10. Do you suffer from addictions or co-dependency issues?
  11. Do you have deep bouts of depression that cannot be explained?
  12. Do you make excuses for the people or events that hurt you in the past?
  13. Do you have resentments toward others for things they have done to you in the past?
  14. Are you hypersensitive, rigid, irrational, and/or insecure?
  15. Do you suspect that something traumatic happened to you in the past but cannot remember what it is?
  16. Do you find it difficult to go with the flow of life?
  17. Do you constantly stay busy so you won’t have time to think about things that upset you?
  18. Do you want to be happy but doubt that you ever can?
  19. Were you abused as a child or young adult?
  20. Do you wish you could change the past?

If you answered yes to five or more questions, it is highly likely that issues from the past are preventing you from living fully in the present.This test is for screening purposes only. It is not a formal diagnosis. Please see a qualified therapist or counselor to further evaluate and diagnose you.

For more information about counseling with Randi Fine, please visit

How Do You Feel About What Happened to You in the Past? Take Anonymous Survey

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No Contact with Abusive NPD Parent Survey

 How Do You Feel About Your Sibling Cutting Ties With Your Abusive NPD Parent?

Take Anonymous Survey and Share Your Experience


For more information about counseling with Randi Fine, please visit

Have You and Your Siblings Been the Target of Narcissistic Parental Triangulation?

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