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Post by Author, Randi G. Fine

How unfortunate for those who go through an entire lifetime never learning, growing spiritually, loving, or achieving their intended goals. They will have to keep coming back until they get it right. It may seem to be a throw-a-way life for those who never progress, but their life is not entirely wasted. They may not gain from it but others certainly can.

Those who are growth oriented can utilize these people as tools for their own learning and growth. They show us exactly how we do not want to live our lives.  The experiences we have with those who never learn to love ultimately teach us the importance of loving unconditionally.

It does not matter what our individual reasons for incarnating into life are; every one of us comes here to learn, grow, and spread love. We have done this hundreds of times before. Each time our souls carefully lay out the blueprints for our upcoming lifetime; plans that will help us achieve our intended goals. Once we are here we have free will.

Spiritual guideposts will present themselves all along the way, but we must recognize them and allow them to direct our course. That is not an easy task, but life is not meant to be easy. This is where we come to do our hardest work, but it is worth every drop of the blood, sweat, and tears we spill; the pay offs are immense in terms of the eternal existence of our souls .




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