Emotional Child Abuse Poem

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affirmation485Representing Children of Narcissistic or Other Emotionally Abusive Parents

My Name Is Grey

Emotional Child Abuse Poem (Song Lyrics) Written by Randi G. Fine

My name is Grey.
I was the lost child of Black and White.
The lack of color caused a terrible plight
And into I was born.
From two extremes,
Who saw the world through their book of rules,
Preaching knowledge that was wisdom of fools.
Inside of it I was torn.
So I saw love, not from above.
If I was “good,” I’d be understood.
And so I learned, as my soul burned
To hide my Grey, a game I’d play.
This free-willed Grey
Believed I had the right to try things my way,
Yet as a child I must always obey,
Or Black and White might see red.
I was so lost.
Behind my walls I’d obediently hide,
Watch the confusion with eyes open wide,
With tears that I could not shed.
But Black and White, means wrong or right.
There must be Grey. There can’t be just one way.
From two extremes, I lost my dreams
They hid away, inside the walls of Grey.
A fearful pair,
Who never trusted they had value there,
Who saw their lot in life as being unfair.
The rules were just their guard.
A mind so free,
Needs encouragement unselfishly,
Deserves love unconditionally,
Should be free to be who they are.
Now the pleaser is free. I have uncovered me.
How could I grow, when my perfection was for show.
Still Black and White believe they’re right.
But the victor Grey is here to stay.
My name is Grey
I was the lost child of Black and White.
Now I’m the logic between wrong and right.
Copyright 1997 Randi Fine
All Rights Reserved
Please contact Randi for permission to reprint.

I am available to talk about any life issues that are concerning you. Private, confidential.  http://clarity.fm/randi-g-fine

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