Your Sensitivity is Your Power

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energy healingAre You an Empath, Highly Sensitive  Person, or Someone Who Feels Stuck in Past Pain or Trauma?

How to Turn Your Pain Into Your Power

Article Written by Randi G. Fine

On October 23, 2015 I had Dr. Alison Kay on my podcast, A Fine Time for Healing. Dr. Kay is a master subtle energies teacher, practitioner and natural healer who works on a global scale. She did a brief, five minute group healing on air that was so powerful, I experienced the emotional purging effects for a week. You can listen to the show and experience the healing for yourself by going to:

In my follow-up conversation with Dr. Kay I told her that I have thousands of readers, listeners, and counseling clients who for a variety of reasons find life a day to day struggle. Some cannot get past their emotional trauma or pain, some are highly sensitive, empathic people who pick up all the energies around them.

Dr. Kay explained how the two were related and how many factors can shift our subtle energy body.  I invited her back on my show on November 18th to explain it to all of you in ways only she can. The link to listen to that show is:

After learning that so many of you having these concerns,  and wanting to help you move past them, Dr. Alison Kay developed the four part Your Sensitivity Is Your Power Teleseries. 

If you see yourself in at least 3 of the following, this teleseries will be life changing for you.

    • You know you actually take on other people’s stuff, more than just worrying about them
    • Your energy levels are lower than you’d like them to be, or they go up and down quite sporadically
    • You don’t seem to be able to effectively say what you mean with others, although you do fine with your rehearsals ahead of time, or when alone
    • You consider yourself co-dependent, or know you have co-dependent relationships
    • You sometimes may feel as if you’re a victim to this world and others
    • You often hold yourself back or close yourself down
    • You find yourself over-giving and you don’t know how to stop
    • You notice you hold onto extra weight and often have trouble with your digestive tract
    • You don’t feel comfortable in your own skin, and want to feel like your old self again
    • You know you need to have better energetic boundaries
    • You want to dissolve the unconscious & subconscious parts of you that take on other peoples’ stuff as if it’s your duty in life
    • You want to feel supported instead of just being “the support”
    • You want help in opening your heart and quieting your mind

In this four-part teleseries, Dr. Alison will support you in re-framing what may have been previously perceived by you and told to you that sensitivity is your weakness.  You’ll be empowered to know how it’s actually your strength and your gift.  She’ll share a rarely mentioned and new understanding about why “sensitives” are this way that no one else is presenting; the kind of information that can set you free!

She’ll offer practical tips and tools that will help you take command over your own energy field, how to keep it clean, and how to better understand the dynamics of subtle energy and energy flows so you can work within the field you’re living more adeptly and with more ease and comfort.

She’ll further share her unique understanding of which chakra(s) this pattern is related to and how that may also be affecting some other sensations in your body, even the shape of your physical body itself, and hear why you may crave certain foods and how to shift that.

Because I believe so strongly in Dr. Alison’s work, and am so excited about it, I will be participating in the Your Sensitivity if Your Power Teleseries. I strongly encourage you to sign up and join me.  She has substantially discounted the cost at my urging, so more of you can participate. You will be able to interact with me there as well.

Though I am promoting this workshop, I am receiving no financial compensation for my endorsement. I just believe that this is going to be a life changing experience for you. If you are not yet convinced, click on the links I provided to both of the shows she did with me and listen to what she has to say (particularly the second one where she explains all of this).

Give yourself this life changing gift for the holidays and start the new year with a brand new outlook.

You can learn more about the Your Sensitivity is Your Power Teleseries and sign up for it by going to

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