Dr. Wayne Dyer on Positive Thinking: Bedtime Ritual and Affirmations

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As promised on December 31, 2012 show, A Fine Time for Healing: Change Your Life With Positive Thinking and Affirmations

Dr. Wayne Dyer offers these bedtime ritual instructions to help us achieve what we desire in life.

 Article written by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

“As you lie in bed preparing for your nightly slumber, remember that the last thought you have in your mind can last up to four hours in your subconscious mind. That’s four hours of programming from just one moment of contemplation prior to going into your unconscious state. Create a reminder like a prayer or mantra to place by your bed. Write these words and read them as you get comfortable: I am going to use these moments to review what I intend to manifest into my life. Keep that sign there to remind you how to spend your pre-sleep moments nightly. If before dropping off to sleep you are assailed by worry, distress, or fear, do not stay in bed. Get up, turn on the light, take a few deep breaths, read from a spiritual text, meditate for a few moments in front of a white candle, say a prayer—do anything other than staying there lying down. You cannot defend yourself against these onslaughts while remaining snug in your bed. If distressing feelings come back when you return to bed, get up, turn on the lights, and try something else. When you finally do feel peaceful back in bed, repeat your loving I ams and drift off to sleep ready to have your ears opened and your instructions sealed.”

To learn more about the power of “I Am” statements and how to use them to enhance your life, please listen to the show: Change Your Life with Positive Thinking and Affirmations.

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