Twenty Questions Identify Codependency Issues

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Codependency_001Is Codependency a Problem in Your Life and in Your Relationships?

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Written by Randi G. Fine, Life Issues Counselor

To find out if codependency is a problem in your life, please answer yes or no to the following twenty questions:

  1. Do you put others’ feelings, desires and needs before your own?
  2. Are you drawn to relationships with people who lack stability and/or are irresponsible in a particular area of their lives?
  3. Do you have a compulsive need to help, nurture, fix or control others?
  4. Are you always looking for the potential in others, rather than accepting others as they are?
  5. Do you cling to hope that your partner will change, beyond all evidence of rationale?
  6. Are you attracted to people with addictions?
  7. Do you believe your relationship will be perfect when your partner changes?
  8. Do you feel responsible when your partner doesn’t change?
  9. As a child were you subjected to family dynamics such as repeated anger, extreme rigidity, violence, manipulation or abuse?
  10. Were you raised in an environment of addiction?
  11. Do you feel as if you cannot survive without a love relationship?
  12. Do you strive to please everyone in your life because you believe others only like you when you do?
  13. Do you make excuses for the bad behavior of others?
  14. Are your relationships emotionally or physically abusive?
  15. Do you believe you need to earn love to get it?
  16. Do you believe that you can love someone enough to fix them?
  17. Have most of your love relationships been painful?
  18. Do you withdraw from people because you don’t want them to know the life you are leading?
  19. Is it hard for you to accept healthy love?
  20. Do you do things for others that they are capable of doing for themselves?

If you answered yes to five or more questions, it is highly likely that codependent issues are responsible for the relationship problems you are having in your life. This test is for screening purposes only. It is not a formal diagnosis. Please see a qualified therapist or counselor to further evaluate and diagnose you. For more information about counseling with Randi Fine, please visit

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