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Who Judges Our Lives on Judgment Day

Image Source Who Judges Our Lives on Judgment Day? Article Written by Randi G. Fine Before facing an enemy you must first face yourself. ~ Tite Kubo How differently would you live your life if you knew that you would … Continue reading

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Personal Responsibility and Karma Picture Quote

The Law of Karma God does not punish us. God does not sit around keeping score and doling out karma. We are the sole creators of our life experience. ~Randi G Fine From Randi G Fine’s book, Awaken from Life: … Continue reading

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Karma Cause Effect

Photo by Ute Hagen Karma: The Cause and Effect of Our Actions, written by Randi G. Fine  Transcript from my September 9, 2011 radio show on A Fine Time for Healing The word Karma is new age and trendy.  We see … Continue reading

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