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Finding Validation for Your NPD Abuse from Within

Finding Validation From Within On this YouTube video Randi Fine discusses the most frustrating part of an NPD victim’s recovery – lack of validation for the abuse endured – and explains how you can realize your own worth and value … Continue reading

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Empaths and Unexplained Ailments

Image Source When All Else Fails To Heal You Understanding the Empath Written by Dave Markowitz, Prevent Disease Posted in WakingTimes March 15, 2014 If you’re dealing with symptoms that no one can diagnose, much less treat effectively, maybe there’s … Continue reading

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Channelers Healers Psychics OH MY

Photo Image by Josh Semans  Graphics by Randi Fine Amazing things are happening on my Blog Talk Radio Show, A Fine Time for Healing in the months of June and July! I have been very fortunate to book twelve fascinating guest experts in the fields of … Continue reading

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Healing Ourselves

Bounded by Wellness Sending Healing to Yourself Daily OM Article written by Madisyn Taylor So often we are busy sending love and healing to others that we forget to send healing to ourselves. Most people, when given an opportunity to aid … Continue reading

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