Self Fulfillment


Self Fulfillment

Introduction to the inspirational life enhancement book

Awaken from Life: Lessons for Discovering Your Personal Truths

Written by Author Randi G. Fine

Life is a journey, a path we take to self discovery and higher learning. Our dreams wishes, and goals place us on this path and keep us moving forward. Everyone embraces their journey differently. Some set goals and aggressively move towards them. Some take a more passive approach: hope, dream, pray, or simply wait. Either way most of us continue to look toward a more promising future. For many of us what we have today never seems as satisfying as what we think we will have somewhere down the road when we reach our destination, the place where life will be all we have planned for or dreamed of. To view our lives from the point of one destination to another means basing our ultimate happiness, fulfillment, and contentment on an end result. What happens when we reach our destination? How long will we continue to feel satisfied with our accomplishment? It will not be long before the happiness of reaching our goal fades and we once again lack fulfillment. While looking for contentment we find ourselves focusing on one goal after another. True happiness cannot be achieved when it is only result oriented. It comes from living in the present, moment to moment. Fulfillment comes from the process of getting there. In our high-speed world of technology and instant gratification we have grown impatient. We have lost tolerance for the processes of life. But nothing in life happens without a process. If it did we would never learn and grow. We have to trust that life will take us exactly where we need to go, and then step back and allow it to happen. We have to teach ourselves the virtues of patience and acceptance—remind ourselves to savor the pleasure of anticipation. What we experience in the present moment is what is most important. Think about the choices you make moment to moment, the tiny decisions that link together, form a chain, and steer your course of life. Sure, you will encounter bumps and detours, but what you learn along the way is far more valuable and fulfilling than the end result of your goal. Whenever you catch yourself projecting toward or focusing on what you need to do in the next fifteen minutes, in an hour, tomorrow, or next year, remind yourself to pay attention to the moment. Look at the sky, look around you. Do not let life pass you by—do not rush through each moment on your way to something else. Be present in your life. Do not try to anticipate what is going to happen next—you cannot possibly know. Just live in the moment. The road to destiny is long and winding. Be sure to stop and savor the view as you ramble along the way. Awaken_From_Life_book_cover_copy

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