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In this evocative, illuminating book, Randi Fine encourages you to free yourself from the inhibiting obstacles in your life, embrace the conscious power of your intent, and awaken your unrealized potential.Travel on an introspective journey into the heart of your personal realities where your perceptions, truths, and desires lie. Distinguish the thought processes that enhance your life experience from those that stand in the way of achieving all you desire. Reflect on perspectives never before considered. Experience the powerful impact of revelations brought on by your newfound self-awareness.    The path to greater fulfillment awaits your discovery. The only thing required is your deliberate choice to “Awaken from Life.”

“Randi is an inspiring, compelling writer who will help you transform   your life through the power of her life lessons.” –Ellen H. Brown, award-winning writer and coach, Cleveland, OH
“With engaging ability and an intuitive gift to illuminate life issues, Randi guides readers straight to the heart of their own personal truth.” –Dan L. Hays, author of Freedom’s Just Another Word


Paperback and  E-Book

Fine…ly is an insightful fifty year account of the author’s tumultuous life filled with trauma, peril, and heartbreak. The story begins in an emotionally unsafe childhood that ultimately sets her up for codependency, emotional abuse and sexual abuse. It is a starkly honest, compelling story about a woman desperately clinging to hope in the midst of several traumatizing events. Fantasizing about a chivalrous white knight coming to rescue her and take her away from all the madness, she mistakenly falls deeply into a toxic, codependent love relationship with a heroin addict. Year later, prompted by the birth of the couple’s baby daughter, the author awakens to the reality of her anguished life. Vowing that her two month old daughter will never suffer in life the way she had, she leaves her marriage with baby in tow, penniless. In a desperate attempt to find a peaceful balance for her and her daughter’s lives, she leaves no stone unturned in searching for answers. She pours herself into reshaping her life, heals the wounds of her past, transforms her life, and ultimately finds the destiny she is meant for.
Randi G. Fine’s memoir is a beacon of light for those who are suffering in life and feel lost. With more than five decades of hard-earned life experience, and with unguarded vulnerability, Ms. Fine offers insight, hope, and validation to all who read her story



”I can’t recommend this book enough! This memoir draws you in from the first paragraph and you absolutely cannot put it down. I read it in two days! I’ve read many stories of adversity, but Fine…ly is truly a stand-out book. This remarkable Baltimore based memoir spans fifty years of the author’s life. Ms Fine is a gifted writer; it’s hard to believe that Fine…ly is her debut book. Her characters are described in such vivid detail they come alive, jump off the page, and nestle into the reader’s heart. Although Ms. Fine bears her soul, she shows great sensitivity when sharing the painful memories of her life.

“Marzkitty” FIVE STARS!

Randi Fine’s candid story of the difficulties in her young life shows that there is hope for anyone to rise above the pain and emerge a whole and complete person. She is engaging and writes her story in a captivating style that compels the reader to turn the page. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and would highly recommend Fine…ly to anyone who has met adversity in their lives. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

“Barbara Writes” FIVE STARS!

Ms. Fine expertly takes the reader into a world of childhood angst, molestation, rape, and codependency with a drug addict. While all serious subjects, she does not weigh the reader down with a “woe is me” attitude. Rather, she shows us that we do not have to be defined by bad events in our lives and that, with hope and courage, we can rise above the pain and find happiness again.


I believe that there are divine reasons for the pregnant pauses in our lives; the times when our life seems to come to a screeching halt and we are rendered powerless over it. Those are the times we should pay especially close attention, for those junctures may be the most profound times in our lives. Though painful, those intervals cause us to sit quietly and come face to face with our true selves. They provide tremendous opportunities for our spiritual growth.

Despair is a lonely, desolate place we’ve all visited at some point in our life. While in its depths it seems to take an immense amount of courage to reach for rose colored glasses and put them on.

I spent the first thirty years of my life as a pleaser, yielding to everybody else’s expectations of me. Convinced that it was inconsiderate to ever put myself first, I continually dismissed my own needs. Having never developed a healthy self-esteem, I based my identity entirely on the ever-changing opinions of others and my interpretation of their reactions to me. My boundaries were undefined; I wavered between unfiltered vulnerability and impenetrable emotional walls. Those were very tumultuous and depressing years for me.

In my early twenties I met and fell in love with a recovering drug addict. I believed that if I loved him enough he would stay straight. But it wasn’t long before that love turned into a painful, toxic obsession and I found myself trapped in the depths of despair.

Until I began to gain insight into where I had come from I couldn’t capably decide where to go. I couldn’t correct a problem that I had no understanding of in the first place. My awareness came by way of twelve-step group attendance, professional therapy, and a plethora of self-help books. The healing lavished upon me is a spiritual gift. Out of immense gratitude I want to pay it forward.

My aspiration through the sharing of my story is to offer hope, encouragement, and enlightenment to the millions of people who currently suffer alone in their darkness, lost in a maze of confusion and despair. My message is to hold on; that a brighter day is on the horizon.

For those who have already healed after living through experiences similar to mine, my hope is that they’ll glean new insights from the benefit of a different perspective.

The stories that I reveal in this book are true and honest accounts. Most of my recollections are from memory or from letters, records and journals that I’ve kept over the years. Some names have been changed to preserve the person’s anonymity. At the risk of being labeled “One Fruit Loop shy of a full bowl,” I feel that I must also give due credit for the input that I received from “The Beyond.” I believe without a doubt that much of the wisdom and some of the details from the past that had slipped my mind were imparted to me that way. Believe what you will.

I am thankful for everyone who has touched my life. I’m especially grateful to the people who have presented the most difficult challenges for me; I consider them to have been my most valuable teachers.

According to research conducted by professionals in the field of psychology, there are common threads that have been traced back to the childhoods of many adults who suffer from co-dependency. Many had been “pleaser” children who’d been conditioned from a young age to believe that they were only good or valuable when compliant with their parents’ wishes. Often those wishes were illogical and confusing. As children they felt unduly responsible for their parents’ needs and happiness. Healthy emotional boundaries between their parents and themselves were never properly established. They had often suffered from depression and/or anxiety in their adolescences, conditions that continued to trouble them well into adulthood.

The codependent syndrome develops over a long period of time. Those who suffer from codependency in their adulthoods have often had erroneously difficult adolescences. But they are largely unaware of their tendencies until their condition impedes their ability to form healthy, stable love relationships.

I am grateful to say that although I suffered from that confusion for the first thirty years of my life, today, at fifty-two years of age, my life doesn’t resemble that portrayal in any way. But remembering where I’ve come from keeps me humble.

It is my sincere hope that as you peruse the pages of my book you will find my story touching, inspirational, and most importantly an impetus for healing.

3 comments on “Randi’s Books

  1. Susan Lucia on said:

    Hi Randi,
    I came across a beautiful quote you posted on Pinterest. Somehow came to this page and read your prologue. As a 55 year old women I am always looking for the kind of person who looks at life with appreciation. When I was reading I found you to be so honest, insightful and inspirational. Yes, I could see some of my life in you. I am looking forward to reading your book. You defiantly have a gift for writing and I thank you for sharing of yourself. Blessings to you,

    • Randi G, Fine on said:

      Thank you for your beautiful message Susan. Knowing that I touched your life in an inspiring way makes what I do all the more worthwhile. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with you. You are a kindred spirit. Blessings to you also.

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