Overcoming Obstacles in Life

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Overcoming Obstacles in Life

Written by Randi G. Fine

There have been a few obstacles in my life that have frustrated me for years. No matter what I have done or how hard I worked on these areas of my life I could not seem to overcome them. I have successfully overcome many other obstacles that I encountered over the years and could not understand why these particular ones seemed so insurmountable.

Coming from the viewpoint of a spiritually minded person, I began to wonder if perhaps I had carried over some baggage from previous lives – baggage that caused my subconscious mind to continually put these particular obstacles in my way. My other thought was that my soul plan may have excluded certain outcomes.

In the 90’s I scheduled a hypnotic past life regression. I hoped that I could benefit in this life by learning what had happened in previous lives. But I was disappointed by the outcome. I failed to experience more than a vague memory; a memory that did however relate to a theme that has pervaded my life since childhood. But since very little was revealed to me during that regression, I assumed there must be a greater reason why I was not supposed to look back.

Still determined to find answers to this obstacle conundrum, I recently considered being hypnotically regressed, again. But since I was not confident about getting the results I hoped for, I could not justify the money it would cost to do it. So I shelved the idea.

One healing modality I had yet to try was an Akashic Record reading. I consulted with an expert to see what kind of results I could expect. Even with her assurance that the benefits would be great, I was not convinced that the investment would be worth it. Over the years I have spent thousands of dollars in pursuit of answers with no benefit of results. I shelved that idea too.

A man by the name of Brad Johnson recently contacted me and requested an opportunity to be a guest on my show, A Fine Time for Healing.  Brad calls himself a Conscious Matrix Communicator. He channels an entity known as Adronis. Adronis has access to a vast library of consciousness contained within our higher mind and soul records; similar to Akashic Readings but with access to other levels of consciousness as well.

Brad and I bartered a deal. I would have him as a guest on my show and he would give me a reading.

That reading changed the course of my life.

Through Adronis I learned that the obstacles I’d experienced for many years had been created entirely by my own thoughts. I learned which thoughts were limiting, and I learned an entirely new way of thinking; a thought process that is expansive, not restrictive.

Fears I had carried over from previous lives and were no longer relevant to my current reality were revealed to me, as was the method for releasing them.

Adronis told me that changing my patterns was only a matter of asking the Universe for assistance, paying attention to the results, and visualizing my new reality. I acted on that advice immediately.

The results began materializing the very next day. With each day that followed it was more and more apparent that energies were shifting in the direction I wanted them to.

Removing my self-inflicted obstacles will require daily application on my part if I expect to see it through, but it is well worth the effort. Adronis’ wisdom proved invaluable, and the Universe has clearly demonstrated its commitment to bring my desired goals to fruition.

For all this I am very grateful.

Brad Johnson will be a guest on A Fine Time for Healing on November 4, 2014 at 11 a.m. EST
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