Hopeful Tomorrows


In 2009, as I wrote my memoir Fine…ly, a thought kept running through my head.  I remembered back to my twenties; a time when my expectations of the outcome of my future was based entirely on the experiences of my past. I never thought my life would look any different then it did at that very point in time.  At times it looked pretty hopeless.

Every time I hear abouthopeless a despondent young person taking their own life, believing that life is not worth living, I think back to those days. Not that I ever contemplated suicide, but I remember how hopeless the world can look as a young person with such little life experience to draw on.

I only wish these young people could have understood how different tomorrow might have been; how their life at thirty, forty, and fifty would have looked entirely different then it did on that fateful day. I wish they could have understood  that what might have seemed entirely hopeless that day may have been completely hopeful the next. I wish they could have understood that things always change and that the kinks in life somehow work themselves out. And I wish they could have understood that light always follows darkness; if they had held on one more day their whole life might have completely turned around.hope1

One of my major goals in writing and speaking is to use my life to serve as an example of how miraculously life can turn around.  I want everyone to understand that it is impossible to make a projection for the future based on the past or the present; we never know what will happen tomorrow.  I want everyone to understand that if they allow it, faith will carry them when they are too tired to take another step; that they are never alone because God always walks hand in hand with them.

Tomorrow means hope.  As sure as the sun sets today, the sun will rise tomorrow and bring with it a new day, a chance for new beginnings and endless possibilities.

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