Honesty Morality Prevail Despite Perceived Dishonest World


Does Honesty, Morality, and Truth Prevail in a Dishonest World?

Written by Author, Randi G. Fine

Much of the morality and principles that we live by throughout life were ingrained in us by our parents when we were young.  Among other things, parents are largely responsible for building the character of their children. They are our role models.  Children are sponges—they absorb all that they see, hear, and feel. Whether what they say is true or not, our parents have a tremendous influence on us. Their words become our core beliefs, at least until we grow up and experience life for ourselves.

When I was a child, my mother used to tell me that although she was a person of honesty and morality and wanted me to be a good and honest person too, it did not pay to be that way. She said that the conniving, cut-throat people were always the ones that got ahead in life.

My mother’s advice caused me to take notice of the morality of world around me long before most children typically do. And as I observed life it often appeared that she was right. It did seem to be the bad people who always got ahead. They always seemed to get away with their misdeeds too. Still, that did not make any sense to me. Having had limited life experience it was a very confusing message for me to process.

My mother was a woman who was deeply observant of the Jewish religion, but this outlook and teaching did not seem God-oriented to me. Surely God would not want that kind of negative message purveyed. It did not seem plausible that He would ever represent humanity that way. I wondered how she could insinuate that being a good person could in any way be wrong?

By the time I reached young adulthood, never having developed a relationship with something I had deemed illogical and irrelevant to my life, I had completely dismissed the concept of God. And though I never strayed from personal honesty or my own wholesome convictions, I did find myself fascinated with those who acted immorally.

When I began dating, many of the guys I was drawn to were bad-boy types; crafty, manipulative, and always in trouble. It seemed as if those kinds of people were the movers and shakers of this world and I admired them for their cunning ways. Still, their wayward attitudes never sat right with me. I always found myself trying to corral their rebellious behaviors. I wanted to turn them into better people, though my efforts never paid off. Ironically, my mother despised every one of them.


For many years God tried to get my attention, but I did not notice. I kept repeating the same self-defeating behaviors with the same incorrigible people over and over, and getting the same results. The lessons became harder and more painfully learned each time. Still I did not pay attention until I hit bottom. At my lowest point, forced to acknowledge that my best efforts only steered me straight into the gutter, I made the life altering decision to seek spiritual guidance.

It was a process that took years of time and effort. Before grasping a new thought process I had to clear my head from the many distorted, deceptive childhood messages that did not jive with my reality or serve me well. I have since replaced them with life-enhancing, spiritually guided, personal truths.

As I look back with faithful, spiritual clarity I understand why those messages from my mother were so confusing. Though she followed her religion, she observed life from an unenlightened, unfaithful perspective. Life was a place of negativity and fear for her.  Instead of filling herself with the purely loving, infinite wisdom of the divine, she allowed herself to be deceived by self-centered human weaknesses such as greed, envy, and insecurity. From that perspective it may seem as if people who do bad things in this life and do not get caught have gotten away with it; that maybe it does not pay to be a good person.

That is not true. We have to look at the big picture. We are spiritual beings who are writing indelibly in the everlasting book of our eternal soul. Nothing we do goes unnoticed by God or The Universe. Spiritual eyes are everywhere. Karma exists. Dishonesty and deception are carried with our soul through eternity just as honesty and morality are.

I must have always known intuitively that this is true even though I was young and not in touch with the reasons why.  Now that I can explain it I feel compelled to share the truth as I know it with others.

The truth is that goodness always does prevail.

Much of my life story is told in my memoir, Fine…ly. To learn more about my spiritual journey please read my article, Through a Simple Twist of Faith.



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