Having Faith


Why Is Faith So Important In Our Lives?

Written by Randi G. Fine

Excerpted from my April 30, 2011 podcast show on A Fine Time for Healing, Faith and Spirituality: The Foundation of a Fulfilling Life

What is faith?

Mohandas Gandhi said, “Faith is not something to grasp, it is a state to grow into.” Faith is belief, without evidence, that anything is possible. It is the belief in what we do not see and the ability to see what we believe. Faith can be religious or non-religious based. Either way, true faith is a heartfelt belief, not just a claim to belief. Faith is our comfort and reliability. Faith is flexible; it grows and expands with us as we gain more knowledge and understanding. Faith is the knowledge that when we put forth our best efforts to achieve our goals, the universe will help us reach them. With faith we trust that we are never alone and that there is a greater order to the world, even though we may not be able to completely understand it. In times of senseless, unfathomable tragedy, faith is what keeps us afloat. It is our sense of hope in life, even when all seems lost; our hope in a life that is not always fair, good, or just. When we have faith we trust that there is a greater reason for everything and that it is all for the best. Faith gives us our will and determination to live, because we know in our heart and soul that our life has meaning. Faith allows us to believe in others.  Our faithful, positive attitude can lift someone up when they are down; our confidence can extinguish someone else’s insecurity and uncertainty. Faith is what assures us that if we live an honest life and become the best that we can be, we will someday pass on to a place of love and beauty.

Why is faith so important in our lives?

Every choice we make in life comes from faith or the lack of it. With faith we understand that there is a larger order to the universe. We understand that the occurrences in our lives, whether good or bad, have deeper meaning and are for our greater good, even if we do not understand how or why. We live life with love and trust. Faith roots us in our relationship with God, a Supreme Being, or The Universe. It gives us greater access to his or her guidance and boundless resources.  With faith, even in our darkest hours we know we are never alone. When we have faith there are no challenges in life that we cannot get through or rise above. We can approach negative situations as assuredly as we do positive situations. Faith allows us to walk through life with strength, peace, and resiliency. When we have faith we know that our will is strong enough to keep us moving forward and surviving. When we have faith we have hope for the future, hope that solidifies and strengthens marriages and other intimate relationships. When we have faith we model resiliency for our children, and we give them the tools they will need to cope with the disappointments and challenges they will inevitably face in their own lives.

Can faith alone solve all our problems?

Everything in life must have a balance. We never want to be buried so deeply in our faith that we lose sight of reality or become too self-focused. Faith should never stop our motivation, or keep us from trying and accomplishing.  Simply believing that something will happen or change, without making the effort towards that goal, is not faith, it is delusion. Faith should never cause conflict or war. It should bring people together, not divide them or turn them away. Faith should feel good and just to the core of our being. We should never blindly put our belief in any spiritual leader that asks us to do things out of faith, that we feel intuitively and/or morally are wrong.

Is faith an all or nothing outlook?

Faith is personal and different for each of us. We each develop it in our own way and in our own time. We should never judge others for their beliefs, their level of conviction, or lack of faith.  Educating and showing by example are fine and recommended, as long as we recognize that everyone has a different point of view and is entitled to it. To listen to this show in its entirety, please go to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/randi-fine/2011/04/30/faith-and-spirituality-the-foundation-of-a-fulfilling-life

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