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Article Written by Randi G. Fine

Article Originally Published on Life As A Human on January 17, 2013

If I was asked to name all the things that inspire me, love, generosity, spirituality, and kindness would rank high on my list. I consider them fundamental to my happiness.

I am also inspired by beauty—a beautiful sunset, the innocence of children, flowers, and all of God’s amazing creatures. Wisdom shared and growth oriented books inspire my intellect. I rarely read fiction or novels because they contribute very little to my personal growth.

But there is one form of inspiration that brings every day of my life to completion–creative expression. I thrive on it. Creativity flows through my veins. It is my nature—it is who I am, who I have always been.

I begin each day with the compulsion to express myself artistically. Excitement over what I will create in my waking hours gets me out of bed each morning.

I come from a highly creative lineage of artists, musicians, and writers. Each of us has varying abilities and a unique combination of talent.

Musicians abound in my family. Having grown up surrounded by music, it naturally played a major role in my young life. Without any formal training I played piano and guitar, sang, and composed several songs.

Over the years, for a variety of reasons, music has been relegated to the back burner. Other creative outlets have taken its place.

In 2009, practically out of the blue, I felt compelled to write a book about my life. It was an urge completely out of character for me. I did not know the first thing about writing nor did I ever enjoy the craft.

For some reason I was undeterred. My intuition told me to forge ahead with the project and I listened.

Before I knew it the writing bug bit me. I realized how much I loved the craft and discovered that I actually had some talent. I started writing and never stopped.

Though I added writing as a creative outlet it did not overshadow my passion for art. There is something magical about an intangible vision materializing into tangible form.

My preferred medium has changed over the years. Jewelry artistry is my current mode of expression. I have also turned it into a business.

The drive to express myself creatively dates back to my childhood. I do not remember ever being bored. I had very few toys, though I did not need or miss them. My imagination always occupied me.

I had a set of multicolored blocks in different shapes that I would arrange in various patterns. That activity kept me intrigued for hours.

It probably sounds strange but sometimes I played with dry beans on the kitchen table. Their variance in color and shape leant well to mosaic design.

My most favorite activity was one ingeniously created by my grandmother. She would give me a bucket of water and a wide paint brush, and then let me “paint” the wall of her back porch. The grey wood shingles darkened when water was brushed over them. It was so much fun—I could paint that wall all day.

My kids like to tease me about “playing with beans” as a child. What they do not realize is that it was the creative stimulation in my childhood that got them “A pluses” on every school project I completed for them.

The creative gene has passed on to my children. On and off through the years they have each expressed their creativity through music, art, and writing. Still they are well-rounded. They focused much more on academics than I ever did. I am prideful—that is a balance I never managed to achieve.

Our children may grow up in a fast-paced world of computers and instant gratification, but we would do them a great disservice if we do not teach them to find inspiration in life’s simpler things. After all, our children are the creative generation of the future—the artists, musicians, and writers.

The beauty of life will always inspire when we allow ourselves the time to enjoy it. And we need only go within to discover the infinite wealth of inspiration that is always there for us. That is what we should teach our children.

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