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How to Deal With the Curve Balls of Life

How to Throw a Successful Pity Party and Then Start Thriving Again by Author, Randi G. Fine I have discussed this thought in previous articles, but this time I will state it in the form of an affirmation: “There is a reason of greater good for … Continue reading

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NPD Survivors Subject to Unfair Judgment

See column on the right side of this website labeled Narcissistic Personality Disorder  for a complete  list of all NPD related articles and videos. In her latest You Tube video, NPD expert Randi Fine discusses the unfair  and painful judgment … Continue reading

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Letting Go and Leaving the Past Behind

Image Source Letting Go of The Past Article originally written by Randi G Fine for Life As A Human  Life’s challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they’re supposed to help you discover who you are. ~Bernice Johnson Reagon The human experience … Continue reading

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Adult Children of Alcoholic Parents

Photo image by Nina Matthews  Graphic by Randi Fine Adult Children of Alcoholics A counseling client of mine has recently discovered after 40 years of unhappy, painful marriage that her husband is an Adult Child of Alcoholics (ACA). Countless trips to therapists and … Continue reading

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Releasing Painful Past

Image by new 1lluminati    Letting the Past Go Changing our thought patterns is not something that happens overnight. Letting go of the past is a process.  To let go does not mean we become emotionless in regard to a traumatic event; it means giving up the … Continue reading

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Pursuing Optimal Emotional Wellness

Pursuing Optimal Emotional Wellness Article written by Randi G. Fine, Author Self-improvement advice on virtually any topic that interests us, written from endless points of views, is right at our fingertips. Most of the articles I write are of this … Continue reading

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Faith Strengthens Life Journey

  The Importance of Having Faith in Life, by Randi G Fine, author There are many times in life when we find ourselves walking in the dark, faithfully moving forward but unsure of where we are heading, what obstacles we … Continue reading

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Moving Past Old Pain Picture Quote

Letting Go Of the Past and Moving On Quote The hurts we hold on to are like dams that block the free flow of our energy. We can only suppress, mask, or numb our pain for so long before it … Continue reading

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Trusting Spiritual Relationships Picture Quote

Trusting Spiritual Relationship Quote With faith and trust in our spiritual relationships there are no challenges we cannot face and overcome. ~Randi G Fine~

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Facing Adversity Picture Quote

Quote About Facing Adversity Avoidance may seem like an easy way out of dilemma at the time, but know that the issue will present itself again and again until it is faced, dealt with, and learned from. ~Randi G Fine~

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