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Self Love Affirmation

 Image by Chie Letting Go of Guilt With Self Love Affirmation Written by Randi G. Fine Excerpt from my November 13, 2013 show on A Fine Time For Healing, Living a Guilt Free Life Understand that your mistakes and misjudgments perceived … Continue reading

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Guilt Feelings Picture Quote

Feeling Guilty Quote Often times we may feel guilty and obsess over something we said or did. We believe others hold it against us or judge us. In many cases other people did not even notice our words or actions, … Continue reading

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Dishonorable Parents

Excerpt from the transcript of my March 15, 2013 show on A Fine Time for Healing, How Do I Honor My Father and Mother Who Act Dishonorably? Written by Randi G. Fine, Author Today’s show, “How Do I Honor My Father … Continue reading

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Breaking Self Inflicted Guilt Cycle

 Breaking the Cycle of Self-Inflicted Guilt Written by Author, Randi G. Fine Why are so many of us able to offer kindness and compassion  to others, but not to ourselves? One of the most damaging ways in which we tend to abuse ourselves is through feelings … Continue reading

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Feeling Over Responsible Feeling Guilty

Over Responsibility and Guilt written by John Stibbs One characteristic of growing up in a dysfunctional household is that we may learn to feel guilty if we fail to ensure the success and happiness of other members of the household. … Continue reading

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