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Trusting Lifes Timing Picture Quote

Inspirational Life Quote Never doubt the timing of things. They may not happen exactly when and how you think they should, but they will always happen when and how they are supposed to.        ~Randi G Fine~

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Faith and Divine Guidance Quote

Inspirational Faith Quote The belief that you are never alone and that you always have divine guidance, will carry you when you find it hard to carry yourself. Have faith in the perfection of the Universe. As difficult as life … Continue reading

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Loved One Beyond Sends Hopeful Message

Hopeful Messages From the Afterlife Article Written by Randi G. Fine As I stated in my article, Is There Life After Death, for many years I have had an insatiable curiosity about the infinitive properties of consciousness. That curiosity has … Continue reading

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Getting Through Difficult Times

Purple Rose Image Growing Pains, Difficult Times Daily OM Article written by Madisyn Taylor We can also benefit from times of constriction and difficulty to help us grow and learn. It can be very challenging to maintain a positive attitude and … Continue reading

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Beautiful Songs Are Gifts From Heaven

Beautiful Songs are Gifts From Heaven Written by Randi G. Fine “When will I know everything that I’m supposed to know?” ~ From the song Mazes and Puzzles Eighteen years ago I received an unanticipated but welcomed gift from a Heavenly Source. … Continue reading

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Choosing a Spiritual Life

Photo Image by Dar’ya Sipyeykina    Quote and Graphics by Randi G Fine   Knowing God in a Non-Religious Sense Written by Randi G. Fine As a reader of my blog you may be confused as to where I stand in … Continue reading

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Prayer of Peace

Buddhist Prayer of Peace May I become at all times, both now and forever, a protector for those without protection, a guide for those who have lost their way, a ship for those with oceans to cross, a bridge for … Continue reading

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Faithful Picture Quote

Faith Quote Faithful… Never lonely. Never alone ~Randi G Fine~

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Having Faith

Why Is Faith So Important In Our Lives? Written by Randi G. Fine Excerpted from my April 30, 2011 podcast show on A Fine Time for Healing, Faith and Spirituality: The Foundation of a Fulfilling Life What is faith? Mohandas Gandhi … Continue reading

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Overcoming Adversity Picture Quote

Overcoming Adversity Quote Suffering is essentially life’s gift; it brings knowledge, compassion, strength, and understanding. When we are brought to our knees we develop a closer relationship with God. Through the trust we develop with that relationship, there are no … Continue reading

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